Jiangsu Cuisine Tops China’s Favorites List


Via straitstimes.com

Chinese people’s food consumption has been more diverse in 2017, but Chinese food still dominates the market.

As shown in the report, the Chinese food accounts for 57 per cent of the market share and the most popular dish is hotpot.

Salty and fresh taste have taken over from spicy to become the most popular flavor among people. Jiang Junxian said it signifies that Chinese people have returned to choosing their food rationally.

Accordingly, Jiangsu and Zhejiang cuisines, together with Hunan cuisine, have become the favorites of the Chinese people. Cantonese food is also much loved by Chinese customers, and it was on the top 5 lists of several consumer guiding application including Baidu Maps and China’s Groupon-like Meituan.com.


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