How can you benefit from the VAT reform in China?

China has been paving their way to a fiscal reform that will help them achieve the economic and social goals set in previous years. China’s first step towards their fiscal transformation was the VAT reform that was implemented in Shanghai in 2012. This initiative was expanded to pilot sectors across the country on August 1st 2012 due to its remarkable success and its bolster the slowing economic growth. On May 1st 2016 the reform was officially implemented throughout all China. The reform program seeks to replace business tax with a value-added tax to avoid duplicated taxation and to lower the tax burden.

The trial program launched in 2012 was originally applied to service sectors, telecommunications, and postal services among others. Now, taxes in construction, property and finance are also bound to the tax initiative. The manufacturing industry, which already operated under a VAT structure, will benefit from this reform as they will obtain tax breaks on research and development to incentivize innovation.

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