Supply Chain Management is Not Merely Managing Import and Export

Interview with PTL Group Logistic Manager—Chris Pan

Chris Pan has over 12-year operating experience at PTL Group. Chris leads the team delivering profitable integrated supply chain management solutions to bridge overseas clients’ penetration into China and assisting to build solid company reputation across diverse industries, ranging from medical equipment, electronics, security, chemical to agriculture machinery, water treatment industries. 

Q: You use the term “Fourth Party Logistics Provider” very often, would you please elaborate the meaning of the term and how it differentiates from “Third Party Logistics Provider”?

A: The concept of a Fourth-Party Logistics (4PL) Provider is an integrator that manages the resources, capabilities, and technology of its own organization and other organizations to design, build, and run comprehensive supply chain solutions. Whereas a third party logistics (3PL) service provider targets at a function, 4PL targets at management of the entire process. A Fourth-party logistics provider can also be considered a consulting firm specialized in logistics, transportation, and supply chain management. In another word, the 4PL stands on a higher level and plays an important role in managing the client’s entire supply chain.

Take PTL Group as an example, as a 4PL provider we look after the whole process of our clients’ entire supply chain ranging from the sales forecast, cash flow planning at the HQ, importation/exportation, safety storage and distribution, etc. Our customized solution can help HQ make better plan and therefore implement HQ’s strategy with operational optimization.

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