2017 SIP Hudong Sub-district Trade Unions Awarding Ceremony Completes


Via sipac.gov.cn

The 2017 SIP Hudong Sub-district Trade Unions Awarding Ceremony cum joint meeting of Community-Enterprise Alliance Members (CEAM) took place at Jinji Lake Resident Liaison Center on Dec 8. A total of 31 one-star and 10 two-star enterprise trade unions received awards. Representatives from 67 CEAM were present.

The award-winning trade unions were rated based on self-recommendation, Hudong Federation of Trade Unions’ on-site survey and their members’ deliberation and questionnaire feedback. All of them have made great contributions to the formation of harmonious labor relations in the enterprises.

The event also incorporated a review of the CEAM program, which was launched in 2011 for the purpose of joining the efforts of the communities and enterprises in Hudong sub-district to enhance public services. Emphasis was laid on the achievements in 2017 and the plans for the next year.

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