BMW’s 3 Millionth Car Sold in Nanjing


A customer in Jiangsu province earlier this month received his all-new BMW 740Li, the 3-millionth BMW sold in China, 23 years after the German brand entered the market.

A BMW car will never be the owner’s last BMW, said Bai Yuanlong, owner of the 3-millionthBMW sold in China, at an event during which BMW delivered the car to Bai in Nanjing, capitalof Jiangsu province.

Another owner of three BMWs echoed that a BMW owner will continuously select one BMWcar after another.

Xu Peng, a 32-year-old Jiangsu BMW fan, said: “A BMW customer might be at first attractedby the product itself or the brand culture. After buying the first, it is the service that keeps youloyal to the brand.”

BMW highly respects its customers’ needs and hopes to further develop its after-salesservices accordingly, as the company understands that 3 million marks not only anachievement, but also a new beginning.

Three million buyers can't be wrong

Michael Liu, president of BMW China Automotive Trading Ltd, said: “The customers of the 3 million BMW cars are thefoundation. Only with them can we realize the futuredevelopment.

“In return for our customers’ support, we will provide moreproducts and technologies that are more innovative than ever, and more sophisticated services and enhanced brandexperiences.”

Chinese BMW customers are, on average, 35 years old, andthis demographic is growing younger, according to BMWChina’s recent research findings. The company believes that theyounger generation is seeking a seamless experience inservices through integration of information technology.

“BMW is targeting a perfect brand experience coveringproducts, services and contact with each customer. We spareno effort in trying to ease the stress of after-sales services andlower the usage costs for customers,” said Liu.

“As a result, the Chinese Bimmers are enjoying peerless value-for-money during the overallproduct lifetime of a BMW,” he added.

Xu Peng, the BMW fan, agreed that BMW has been serious in nurturing its customers, andthat the company’s advantages have shaded those of other players in the market.

“The stress relief BMW Service Repair Package shaves valuable time and effort offmaintenance and repairs. Besides, the BMW Value Services also covers cars older than fiveyears,” said Xu.

BMW’s mobile app for after-sales services is set to launch in 2017. The app, in its beta phase, will notify the user of maintenance requirements and allow the user to make an appointmentfor repairs. It is able to diagnose issues with the car and displays the car’s status duringrepairs or maintenance.

Liu said: “BMW’s brand values of being young, vigorous, passionate and dynamic have beendeeply rooted in the hearts of our customers.”

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