Built to Last: Nanjing-made Barge Still Going Strong After 18 Years!


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The 5,451 mtdw, 250’ x 74’ x 19’ depth barge was specifically designed by Dixon Naval Architects and built in 1999 by CSC Jinling Shipyard in Nanjing, Jiangsu, China for transport of up to 6,200 short tons of limestone rock on deck and/or approx. 1,000,000 U.S. gallons of liquid slurry in 10 double-hull, cargo tanks with corrugated bulkheads, and fitted with agitator impellers, centerline piping and access tunnel. The double raked barge was heavily built with a 7/8” plate deck and 5/8” side & chine, and 3/8” bottom and fitted with twin towing skegs and a small push notch aft. The limestone rock was contained on deck by a 2.438m high, 3/8” steel cargo box on three sides. The aft underdeck pump and machinery room contain two Goulds 800gpm electric cargo pumps and two 320kW generators driven by CAT 3406 diesels.

“PCC Provider” is classed ABS +A1 Tank Barge Unrestricted Service, expiring 30 September 2018.

While U.S. flag, the barge being foreign built, was not involved in U.S. Coastwise Trade.

Marcon acted as sole broker in the transaction and has represented buyers in previous transactions.

This was the 148th ocean deck barge totaling 896,651dwt brokered for sale or charter in the last 36 years.

In 2016, Marcon booked 19 sales and charters. Looking back over the past 36 years, we have averaged over 40 sales/charters per year. Since our first sale, Marcon has brokered a total of 1,412 vessels and barges sold or chartered. Three 5,000+ HP twin screw and ASD tugs continue to be fixed on previously arranged long-term charters in the U.S. and Latin America.

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