China Bans Export Of Deep Port Building Dredge Vessels



The head of the company said that it will prevent the vessels from being misused but will not affect the company itself in operating them worldwide for civilian projects.

ZPMC is a world-renowned heavy-duty equipment manufacturer, and a major shareholder of the China Communication Construction Corporation (CCCC), which sits among the top 500 conglomerates in the world, according to the company website.ZPMC is also the maker of Tiankun, Asia’s largest and most advanced cutter-suction dredger, which made its debut in Qidong, East China’s Jiangsu Province in November.The 140-meter-long vessel equipped with a cutter power of 6,600 kilowatts can excavate 6,000 cubic meters an hour at a maximum depth of 35 meters.According to CCCC, Tiankun leads the list of such vessels in the world in terms of delivery distance and a number of other metrics.The all-electric vessel is equipped with a dual positioning system and unlimited global navigation.

Its advanced systems allow it to carry out unmanned dredging and monitoring operations in ports, coastal waters, and deep-sea operations.Based on Tiankun’s “island-building and expanding capability in the South China Sea,” Chinese internet users nicknamed the vessel “China’s map composer.”However, according to a directive jointly issued by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce and the General Administration of Customs in May, starting June 1, large dredgers with a large carrying capacity and installed power that can dig more than 15 meters deep face export restrictions.


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