Chinese Entrepreneur Brings $40 M Investment To Mississippi River Fishermen



Before launching Two Rivers Fisheries in 2012, 60-year-old Yu had been engaged in international trade. In this sense, the company is just an extension of her business, as she is exporting 80 percent of the processed fish to the Middle East, East Europe and Asia.

Two Rivers Fisheries now employs 16 local residents doing processing work in plant, and purchases fish regularly from more than 70 fishermen nearby. The production was 500,000 pounds in the first year of production in 2013, then doubled to one million pounds in 2015, and further doubled to two million pounds in 2016.

Yu has not stopped on this. She recently signed an agreement with Jiangsu Rentian Agricultural Technology Co. Ltd from China, under which the latter will provide its “Immersion Freezing Technique” and an investment of 40 million dollars.



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