Chinese Italian Prepares To Build ‘Italian Style town’ In Jiangsu


On May 20, the first Jiangsu development summit was held in Nanjing, capital city of the province. Over 1,200 prominent guests attended the summit to discuss the region’s development.

One such guest was Zhu Yuhua, chairman of the Scuderia Ferrari Club Shanghai-China and executive president of the China-Italy Association, whose ancestry is in Jiangsu province. In an interview at the summit, Zhu shared his relationship with the Ferrari brand, talked about Ferrari’s future development in China and offered his suggestions to fellow overseas Chinese.

Zhu graduated with a degree in Italian literature and language in 1978, and later immigrated to Italy to live. After that, he shuttled between Italy and China, dedicating a large amount of time and energy to trade and cultural exchange between the two nations.

In 2005, as a directly department of Ferrari S.p.a., authorized by Chinese government, Zhu established the Scuderia Ferrari Club in Shanghai, the unique officially Scuderia Ferrari club in China. This legendary vehicle, Zhu commented, perfectly integrates traditional Italian craftsmanship with modern technology.

Zhu believes the Ferrari brand can serve as a cultural link between China and Italy. He also disclosed that the China-Italy Association have started preparations to establish an Italian-style town and in order to carry forward the Ferrari culture, the “Scuderia Ferrari Club member recruitment and service desk” will be included in the project.

The town, expected to be located in Jiangsu province, would cultivate a unique blend of the two countries’ cultural elements, offering a rich experience for locals and an attractive new tourist site for visitors, Zhu predicted, The rapid development of his hometown is part of what inspired this vision, according to the businessman.

As for his advice to overseas Chinese, Zhu attributed his own success to knowledge of his motherland. He encouraged fellow migrants to develop a full understanding of their own country before becoming immersed in another one.


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