Happy Anniversary to Suzhou’s Benson Bubbler

This week on Jan. 27marks the one-year anniversary of Portland City Council voting to allow the Portland-Suzhou Sister City Association (PSSCA) to transfer a Benson Bubbler to Suzhou, China, honoring the 15-year anniversary of Lan Su Chinese Garden.

Via www.portlandoregon.gov

In May 2015, the Portland-Suzhou Sister City Association (PSSCA) requested that the City provide a Benson Bubbler in honor of the 15-year anniversary of the Lan Su Chinese Garden, a friendship project between Portland and Suzhou. The Lan Su Chinese Garden is today one of the great cultural treasures of Portland. According to the Lan Su Chinese Garden, it is the most authentic Ming Dynasty Garden outside of China.

Happy anniversary to Suzhou, China’s very own Benson Bubbler!

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