Huai’an Court Upholds 10-year Sentence Of Man Who Sold Fake Drugs


A court in East China’s Jiangsu Province upheld a previous ruling in which a man was sentenced to 10 years in prison and fined 3.5 million ($ 510,000) for “selling fake drugs,” after he was found selling imported drugs online without a license.

Wang Yonggang and his brother-in-law, surnamed Lin, began selling drugs purchased from Hong Kong online since 2010, without any license in pharmaceutical trading and importing pharmaceuticals, news site reported Thursday, adding that Lin was in charge of shipping the drugs to the Chinese mainland, and Wang sold them online.

To expand their business, Wang opened 10 shops on Taobao, China’s largest online shopping platform, since the second half of 2013, said.

Wang began reselling fake drugs purchased online through his taobao shops since the second half of 2014 worth 1.9 million yuan, before Wang was investigated.

In June 2016, the Qinghe district court in Huai’an city, Jiangsu ruled that Wang, along with six others, were guilty of selling “fake drugs,” said

Wang later appealed, believing the ruling was too harsh.

However, in March, the Intermediate People’s Court in Huai’an rejected Wang’s appeal and upheld the original ruling.

China’s Drug Administration Law states that a drug produced or imported without an approval, or sold without being tested as required by law is considered a “counterfeit drug.”

In March, Beijing police arrested six people and confiscating smuggled plastic surgery chemicals and equipment during a crackdown by the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, after receiving reports that unlicensed beauty salons were performing facelifts in upscale residential areas and offices across the capital, the Beijing Morning Post reported.



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