Jiangsu Conducts STEM Pilot Program


Via todayonline.com

The prospects of rapid growth in STEM education have attracted a growing number of new entrants, especially after wealthy Jiangsu province conducted a pilot this year to encourage kindergartens and schools to teach STEM courses, a sign that they may be included in the official national school curriculum in the future.

Vipjr, a Shanghai-based online English education provider, introduced online programming courses earlier this year to expand into STEM education.

“The competition in STEM education is fierce with a lot of companies rushing into the industry over the past two years,” said Wang Jianjun, chief executive and founder of Shenzhen-based Makeblock, one of China’s largest DIY robot makers. “Dozens of Chinese start-ups simply copy our robotic products,” he said, adding that the company has to quickly upgrade its products to protect itself from copycats.


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