Jiangsu Xingda Steel Tyre Cord Co Ltd Receives Pirelli 2017 Supplier Award


Via tyrepress.com

Pirelli has named its 2017 Supplier Award winners. The winners came from three continents – Europe, Asia and America – and six countries (China, Italy, Germany, Japan, Romania, the United States, and Thailand).

The 2017 Supplier Awards winners were: Jiangsu Xingda Steel Tyre Cord Co Ltd (China): one of the premier producers of metallic reinforcements; Cabot Corporation: a US firm, which is a leader in carbon black production; Zeon Corporation: a Japanese company that supplies synthetic rubber; Thai Eastern Innovation: an important producer and exporter of natural rubber headquartered in Chonburi; Karl Eugen Fischer GmbH: a German supplier of tyre production machinery; Himile Mechanical Science and Technology, a world leading supplier of tyre moulds; Com Divers Logistic Srl (Romania): a key player in the logistics sector; Reply: an Italian firm specialising in cyber security and IT services, and finally Newtonlab: an events company from Italy.

Primary materials suppliers were most represented amongst the winners, scooping four prizes of the nine available. And when you consider that 46 per cent of Pirelli’s total expenditure (equivalent to 1.54 billion euros in 2016) goes towards primary materials, you can understand why. In addition to primary material suppliers machinery and moulds, cyber security experts, logistics firms, and event management companies also won awards.

Pirelli executive vice chairman and CEO Marco Tronchetti Provera, as well as Pirelli’s head of purchasing Pier Luigi de Cancelli presented the awards at a ceremony that took place at the Italian firm’s headquarters in Milan.


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