Luscious Fresh Farms in Xuzhou Prepare for Export To Europe


“We are gearing up for the start of our fresh snow pea and sugar snaps export season. This year in Spring we expect to export over 400 tons from China to Europe. A third of this volume will be snow peas, the other two thirds consist of fresh sugar snaps,” says Sherry of Luscious Fresh. “Our planting area in China is increasing year on year.

“Yunnan is one of our key growing regions. Due to a number of rainy days, as well as cold spells in Spring, the harvest this year is slightly delayed. The weather in Xuzhou has been better, and both crop development and harvest in that region are on time. Shipments are expected to start around the 20th of April. The season will last for eight weeks.”

“Last year, during the height of the season, we exported 110 tons a week to markets in Europe, Canada and Australia. Compared to last Spring, this year we have more air freights booked. In order to be able to make all shipments on time, we are carefully planning the season in advance. This year, air freights and sea transport will be carried out simultaneously, and our team is actively engaged to make sure our short but concentrated export season will run smoothly.”

“We will continue to report on the progress of this season’s sugar snaps and snow peas harvest and export.”

The team of Luscious Fresh has over 20 years of experience growing fresh snow peas and sugar snaps. The current company was launched back in 2001 and has grown into one of China’s largest fresh sugar and snow pea exporters. In 2012, the company received Global GAP and ETI certification and started export programmes to Europe. All its sugar snaps and snow peas are harvested by hand and carefully selected.

Sherry Xu
Luscious Fresh Co. Ltd. (Currently under construction)
Telephone number: +86 532 8091 4977



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