Nanjing To Collaborate With Israel In AR Design & Engineering



InfinityAR, developer of advanced augmented reality software and Nanjing Ruiyue Technology Co., Ltd. (Nibiru), provider of VR/AR/MR operating system to ODM/OEM electronics manufacturers, announced that they are entering a collaboration designed to provide a comprehensive solution for manufacturers looking to enter the augmented / mixed reality glasses business.

Nibiru CEO Vincent Lai said, “With the launch of the One Belt One Road initiative, cooperation and technology exchange between China and Israel is continuously growing. Our collaboration with InfinityAR is a testament to that. We are combining our competitive advantage to bring a superb offering to the market. Both companies share the passion for leveraging technological innovation to improve human lives”.

Nibiru and InfinityAR partnership will leverage Nibiru’s position as a leading technology innovation corporation based in China, powering hundreds of all-in-one VR headsets and InfinityAR’s cutting edge computer vision technology and system know-how in building mixed reality glasses, which is already implemented in multiple next generation mixed reality glasses, soon to be launched to the market.


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