Newell Recycling Equipment Expands To Jiangsu


China Recycling Newell Equipment Co. Ltd. is formed to manufacture and sell Newell equipment in China.

Pictured above, from left: Newell Recycling Equipment CEO Scott Newell and CRDC CEO Guan Aiguo.

Hong Kong-based China Resource Development Co. Ltd. (CRDC) CEO Guan Aiguo and El Paso, Texas-based Newell Recycling Equipment LLC CEO Scott Newell have announced the founding of China Recycling Newell Equipment (Jiangsu) Co. Ltd. (CRNE) to  manufacture and promote the sale of Newell equipment in China.

CRDC is the largest recycling company in the scrap industry in China, with more than 50 scrap processing plants, including 11 shredding plants.

An associated company that has a modern manufacturing plant, China Cotton Industries Co. Ltd., also will have an ownership position in the new company.

Newell invented the modern shredding machine and has been building and supplying recycling equipment around the world for more than 50 years. The company designs, manufactures and operates shredding plants and associated equipment.

Newell Metallic Recycling Equipment (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. and its General Manager George An have been responsible for the sales of more imported shredding machines into China than any other manufacturer, Newell Recycling Equipment says. An has been named general manager of the new company.

CRNE will provide Newell quality and continually improving designs to its customers by manufacturing in China. This move will provide the best value in terms of original investment and through lower operating costs, Scott Newell Sr. says. “We are grateful to CEO Guan Aiguo and his team for selecting Newell, and we look forward to great success in our joint efforts.”

An, Newell, CDRC Manager of Business Department Mu Xiaofeng and Vice President and General Manager of China National Cotton Corp. Weilong Zhang took part in the signing ceremony.



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