Nightingale cocktail and whiskey bar opens in Suzhou

Like a bird perched high above Suzhou on the 31st floor of the Ascott hotel is the newly opened Nightingale cocktail and whiskey bar. Opened two months ago by the 2014 winner of the Bar Legend China Champion and appropriately named for his chosen occupation Rum Zhao.

Occupying the location of a vacated wine bar Nightingale gives off a warm and cosy feeling to guests. Nightingale has a few comfy low chairs and sofas situated around two main tables softly lit by candlelight. Though being on the 31st floor you may want to take advantage of the view and sit by the window watching countless cars stuck in rush hour traffic bumper to bumper while you leisurely sip a cocktail releasing your workday worries.

Nightingale has an extensive cocktail and whiskey menu though currently the cocktail drinks names are in English but the description of the ingredients and history of the cocktail is still mostly in China. Rum Zhao mentioned that a fully bilingual menu with English descriptions of the cocktails is in the works.

Many of the cocktails on the menu are familiar but Rum has given them a twist. Such as the Smoky Old Fashioned (78 RMB)  an Old Fashioned made with a smoky bourbon served inside of a glass box filled with Cigar smoke. Watching your drink slowly appear out of the smoke was a unique experience and the cocktail had a delicious smoky yet smooth taste.

The Nightingale’s signature cocktail is aptly named The Nightingale (68 RMB) and served in a bird shaped glass over a nest full of candy chocolate eggs. The Nightingale was a lighter cocktail with a fruity taste and pairs well with the candy eggs. It comes in his and her versions, pink for the ladies and blue for the men, perfect for date night.

Most cocktails on the menu are between 58-88 RMB and whiskeys start at 40RMB for a glass which, when you consider the amazing view it’s well worth the trip to check it out.



Add: The Nightingale Ascott Hotel 31st Floor, 229 Zhongxin Dadao Xi
伊甸园酒吧 苏州万科美好广场 Ascott 雅诗阁 31 楼,中新大道229号

Opennig Hours: 3pm-till the last customer leaves
Phone number: 17601419018

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