Porimy Launches New 3D Ceramic Printer, First certified 3D Printed Ceramic Dental Fixtures In China


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3D printed ceramics are continuing to develop at a considerable rate, and the technology’s improvement is increasing the number of potential applications it has, in a variety of sectors. The latest advance in this field today saw China’s Porimy 3D Printing Technology Co., Ltd, a start-up offshoot of the Kunshan Industrial Technology Research Institute, announce the launch of an industrial-grade high-performance ceramic 3D printer. The company also released a ceramic slurry material to work with the 3D printer, and it has received the first official medical device registration certificate for 3D printed ceramic dentures.

Founded in July 2008, Kunshan Industrial Technology Research Institute, based in east China’s Jiangsu Province, is a state-owned enterprise that conducts research and development for public technology applications. Its 3D Printing Materials and Technology Research and Development Center is currently focused on a range of different projects, including photo-sensitive resin-based 3D printing materials, ceramic-based 3D printing materials such as cobalt oxide ceramic slurry, biological inks, and 3D printing with food ingredients such as chocolate.

Kunshan Industrial Technology Research Institute holds a 40 percent stake in Porimy 3D Printing Technology, and one of the shareholders is Professor Wang Yun Gan, a professor and doctoral tutor at Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Since the 1990s, Gan has been devoted to rapid prototyping research, and in recent years he has focused on bio-tissue engineering scaffolds and 3D printed dentures.


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