Quan Zhezhu Researches Manufacturing Enterprises’ Cost Reduction In Nanjing, Wuxi and Suzhou

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ACFIC CPC Secretary and United Front Work Vice Minister Quan Zhezhu said that propelling healthy and sustained growth of the real economy should start with boosting the healthy growth of entrepreneurs.

Quan stressed that the Chinese economy is based on the real economy, which is both the main battlefield for the supply side reform and the forefront driver of innovation,during his research on the implementation of the State Council policy on lowering corporate costs of the real economy and the measures taken by enterprises to cut corporate costs and boost efficiency in Nanjing, Wuxi and Suzhou cities of east China’s Jiangsu Province from April 9 to 13.

During the five-day research, Quan attended symposiums with 18 enterprises, including Jiangsu Ever-glory International Group Corporation, Sunpower Group, and Far East Holding Group Co., Ltd. and 10 government departments, including finance, environment protection, human resources and social security, and taxation, inspected 10 enterprises, including Jiangsu Cenmen Equipment Corporation, Sanpower Group, and China Carbon Valley Technology Group,and held talks with 7 enterprises., including Nanjing East House Electrical Co., Ltd., C. Cloud Filter Co., Ltd., Suzhou Matrix PV Co., Ltd, Shenzhou Wool Fabrics Co., Ltd.

These enterprises pointed out the snags they hit in lowering business costs, including taxes and charges, financing, human resources, energy, logistics and systemic transactions, they offered targeted proposals, including beefing up structural tax reduction, establishment of a fair financing environment, increasing support for professional human resources, and propelling marketization of electricity purchase and transaction. 

As private enterprises are facing big challenges and big opportunities in the new normal economic phase, entrepreneurs must use new development concept, increase confidence and double their efforts of structural upgrade; they must tighten policy study, knowledge accumulation, cost management and human resources management; they should attach great importance to product and technology innovation, local brand incubation and domestic and international market competition, Quan said.

He urged various levels of governments and federations of industry and commerce to strengthen policy publicity, interpretation and implementation to guide enterprises toward costs reduction and efficiency augmentation.




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