Shanghai To Cap Population At 25 Million By 2035, Other Cities To Follow



In an attempt to contain urban sprawl, city planners were told they could only release up to 3,200 square kilometers of government land for development over the next 18 years, according to the document approved by the State Council on Monday. That land area is roughly half the size of the city at the end of 2015.

Shanghai’s population stood at 24.2 million people by end of 2016, up 0.4% from a year earlier, largely due to an influx of workers from other parts of the country, government data showed. Nearly 40% of the residents in China’s financial hub were out-of-town workers, according to official statistics.

In September, Beijing announced similar plans to cap its population at 23 million by 2020. In recent months, the Chinese capital has relocated dozens of migrant-employing wholesale markets to outside the city limits and demolished factories and villages deemed “unsafe or illegal” — all in an effort to stem the tide of rural workers coming to the city.


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