SIP Business Incubator Rated As National Maker Space



The Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China recently released the list of “National Maker Spaces”. The e-Dreamers business incubator at Shandong University (Suzhou) Research Institute, SIP is on the list.

The multi-functional incubator, with 144 working spaces covering a total floor area of 2,400 sqm, was founded in 2015. It provides comprehensive services to help business startups across a diverse range of fields, mainly including Cloud computing, artificial intelligence and biomedicine among other high-growth industries, acquire investment, technical support and other industrial resources at low cost and high speed.

Up till now, the incubator has offered a helping hand to more than 200 innovation and business development projects launched by over 3,000 new entrepreneurs and 50 startups. Over 20 of the projects have been included in the local prestigious talent programs.


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