Suzhou Opens Metro Line 4


Suzhou metro line 4 has opened last weekend, connecting Suzhou Wuzhong District, Wujiang District and Suzhou downtown, including important stops such as Suzhou Train station, Leqiao, Guanqian shopping street, Shiquan jie, Shihu and the last stop Tongli Old Town.

Besides the well-known Tongli town, quite a few stops are close to scenic spots and attractions, which will certainly make it easier for you to explore Suzhou:

Zhangzhuang Station: Lotus Pond Wetland Park

Huolidao Station: Chun Shen Lake Park

Sunwu Jinianyuan Station: Tiger Hill Wetland Park

Sujin Station: The Tiger Hill

Beisita Station: North Temple Pagoda and Suzhou Museum

Nanmen station: Panmen Gate

Shihu East Station: Shihu Lake and Shangfangshan Forest Park



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