TNSC Expands Electronic Gas Capacity With New Plant In Yangzhou


The new electronic gas plant is being built at the Yangzhou Chemical Industry Park (YCIP) in Jiangsu province, China, to support increasing demand of electronics gases in Asia.

The 28,000m2 area will house a manufacturing plant, warehouse, cylinder treatment facility and offices.

The new investment makes China the fourth country where the Tier One player has such capacities. It also operates electronic gas plant in Japan, the US and Korea.


The investment is part of a new ‘Total Electronics’ function that the company has established in Shanghai, which it says will “prepare for increasing electronics gas demand and rapidly changing technology trend of global semiconductor manufacturers and market.”

China has become one of the largest countries to consume semiconductor devices in the world. To support this burgeoning demand, TNSC’s ‘Total Electronics’ function will provide a unitary management solution for electronics business in both China and Korea.

The function will continue to invest in new electronics gas manufacturing capability. This development supports the company’s strategic medium-term management plan, ‘Ortus Stage 2.’




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