U.S. anti-dumping ruling takes Jiangsu-made washing machines to the cleaners

If the International Trade Commission rules that the dumping has harmed US firms, the current duties of up to 52 percent would become permanent

Source: China dumping washing machines, US ruling says – Taipei Times

Chinese manufacturers are dumping washing machines into the US market at artificially low prices, making them subject to punitive duties of up to 52 percent, the US Department of Commerce said on Friday.

In a case brought by US appliance manufacturer Whirlpool Corp a year ago, in a market that saw US$1.1 billion in imports last year, one Chinese firm was found to be dumping washing machines at up to 52.5 percent below a fair price.

The Commerce Department has ordered importers to begin paying the punitive duties immediately, but the final step will come on Jan. 23 when the International Trade Commission will rule on whether the dumping has harmed US companies, in which case the penalties on the Chinese products would be enforced permanently.

Suzhou Samsung Electronics Co Ltd (蘇州三星電子) was found to be selling at the biggest gap below fair value, while other producers had margins of 44.3 percent, and Nanjing LG-Panda Appliances Co Ltd (南京樂金熊貓電器) had the smallest gap, of 32 percent.

The latest anti-dumping case comes on the eve of China’s 15th anniversary of joining the WTO, which was supposed to mark the formal recognition of the country as a market economy.

China wants that status as it would make anti-dumping cases harder to file, but the US has indicated it is not ready to change how it handles these cases, as has Japan.


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