Virtual Figure ‘Miss Su’ To Promote Jiangsu Tourism



NANJING, China, Jan. 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Jiangsu Province in China launched the ‘Miss Su’ is a representative symbol of Jiangsu tourism – famous for the feminine temperament of Jiangnan Watertown and represented through the beautiful and successful Jiangnan women. Incorporating both virtual and offline campaigns, ‘Miss Su’ is focused on international tourism advertising and building a strong brand for tourism in Jiangsu and raising the awareness and interest in Jiangsu.

After five successful international tour guides were selected as candidates for the ‘Miss Su’ campaign, fans had the opportunity meet the ‘Miss Su’ tour guides on the official website of Jiangsu Provincial Tourism Administration and vote for their favorite ‘Miss Su’, through the specialized site. The final Winner will be the main figure of the campaign.Two lucky fans who participated in voting will win a trip with ‘Miss Su’. US travel experts and an Australian Couple will also travel with the tour, as well as renowned journalists from Travel Pulse. ‘Miss Su’ will guide the team through the whole trip providing an insightful experience in terms of touristic and cultural characteristics of Jiangsu. The official Facebook Page ‘Visit Jiangsu’ recorded the whole campaign and released videos of the tours.

As part of the campaign, ‘The Wonder Trip of Miss Su’ started in Suzhou in August, 2017, a city in Jiangsu known for its canals, bridges and classical gardens. One of the most impressive tourist sites during the trip is Lingshan Buddhist Scenic Spot in Wuxi. Nianhua Bay in Lingshan provided an authentic experience of ‘Zen’ lifestyle. When the trip finished, a seminar was held to present the outcome of ‘The Wonder Trip of Miss Su’ and discuss the next steps and goals in promoting and branding Jiangsu tourism.


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