Wuxi Manufacturer Makes “Smart Trolley” with University Student

Charlie - Smart Trolley

MAKING the arduous journey through an airport while laden with luggage could soon become a lot easier after the University of the West of Scotland (UWS) teamed up with a Chinese tech company to make enhancements to a so-called “smart trolley”.

Via heraldscotland.com

The commercial partnership with Wuxi Chigoo Interactive Technology has resulted in UWS computing science student Elahe Naserian, collaborating with UWS academic, Professor Xinheng Wang, to exploit existing UWS-developed “C-Trolley” technology.

The changes see the integration of check-in information with existing data gathered from the trolley to help map groups of passengers, such as families or couples, to improve terminal layouts and passenger management. The data can also help airport retailers tailor adverts for travellers.

Charlie, as the smart trolley is known, is currently used in 19 airports in China.

It helps passengers navigate terminals by acting as an electronic guide, while allowing them to charge their phones, book hotels, restaurants or onwards travel, and provides games.

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