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Operating since 2000, PTL Group is an International Management company that supports foreign companies to enter and develop their business in China. Our unique sales incubation model allows foreign companies to focus on their sales activities when first enter the Chinese market, whereas everything related to operation of a company can be taken care by PTL Group: covering Recruitment and employment of local staff, HR Management, Finance Management, Shared Office, Logistic Management, WFOE set up and management and Marketing Management.



For 15 years, JLmade has provided expertises to clients about manufacturing in China.   Founder Jacob Yount’s publication primarily focuses on the personal and unseen aspects of vendor relations and writes mainly of the unseen aspects of importing. Topics include supplier communication, emailing suppliers, composing your RFQ, controlling your delivery times, logistics and cultural differences.  Aside from dealing with Chinese vendors and importing, He may also write, from time to time, about customer service.