China’s Polluted Air is an Opportunity for Foreign Technology

The Chinese are finding it hard to breathe. According to the WHO, the proper air quality level for daily living is no more than 25 micrograms of pollution particles per meter cubed of air. During the first days of 2017 in Beijing, the concentration of pollution particles in the air passed 500 micrograms, over 20 times the limit!

Under these conditions, PTL Group, as a company that provides shared offices in China and offers services including business and operational support for foreign companies, strictly maintain air quality and their offices are equipped with all required air filtration equipment, as well as a measuring device which shows the air quality at all times.  The company, managed by Arie Schreier, was awarded first place in a competition held by gem in Shanghai, which tested the air quality in a large number of co-working spaces in the city. The competition tested the air quality using three parameters: 2.5PM (concentration of small particles that pass through the respiratory system), amount of carbon in the air and amount of VOCs.  

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