Finance Management is Critical in Operating Your Business in China

Interview with PTL Group CFO–Shirley Xia

Shirley Xia has over 10 years of experience as a financial controller and manager. She has successively worked in large state-owned manufacturing, trading, software and international freight companies, with extensive experience in financial management and tax planning. Joined PTL Group in June 2010, Shirley has overseen many projects in business auditing, WFOE set-up and operation and tax planning, etc.  

Q: Among the Auditing and Business Recovery projects you have carried out, which project did you manage to deliver satisfactory results for despite its challenging nature?  

A: My first project at PTL was to manage a turn-around project for an Italian manufacturing company. The company suffered from very tight cash flow and had many management issues. The company’s headquarter was hesitating whether to continue operating in China after having done so for several years yet without healthy revenue.  They asked the PTL team to audit and screen the company’s entire financial and HR situation, as well as the logistics and manufacturing work flows.

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