HR Management Can Be Tricky in China

Interview with PTL Group HR & Admin Manager–Jasper Zhang

Jasper Zhang, a professional HR and Admin expert, joined PTL Group in 2011. Jasper has intensive experience in recruitment, HR management, payroll, KPI evaluation and various admin and mass layoff projects.

Q: What do newcomers and foreign companies coming to China need to learn before they start to hire employees here?

A: I think that there are two things foreign companies need to learn before they start to recruit their local employees: the Chinese Labor Contract Law and the C&B (Compensation & Benefit) system. For the C&B system in China, foreign employers should keep in mind that, conventionally, Chinese employees will always ask for something more than gross salary, e.g. a transportation allowance. So when checking with a Chinese candidate what their current income is remember to also ask about the salary package on top of the gross salary. In addition, you also need to understand the social benefits and housing system in China. By doing so, you will understand the total employer cost to you to hire this candidate.

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