New Policy Changes: Simplifying Company Set Up, Construction Projects & Obtaining Access to Government Services

The Chinese authorities have recently announced new policies for easing business in China. Some measures will be taken to simplify and drastically reduce approval time for starting a foreign-invested enterprise (FIE), construction projects, and accessing government services. The measures will be implemented in specific areas of the country first, and then will apply nationwide by the first half of 2019.

Business Establishment Regulations: One-Stop, One-Form

By June 30, the previous long and complex process to set up a new foreign-invested business will be turned into a “one-stop, one-form” procedure, slashing through the bureaucratic processes. Filling and registration process will be executed together, in one single office or online, allowing for the possibility to submit an electronic application. Previously, one needed a paper-registration and had to apply in person. This will no longer be necessary. Additionally, they have removed the need for company names to be approved in advance, and are planning to reduce the processing time for invoice applications and insurance registration. 

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