What Awaits in China 2018: A More Dynamic and Flourishing Market —— An interview with PTL Group GM-Arie Schreier

Q: How do you see the market shifting in China?

A: The type of international company that is entering the Chinese market is shifting from a more traditional manufacturing and industrial company to start-ups in the tech and internet industries. About 5 years ago, our feeling as an organization had been that everyone who wanted to enter the China market was already here, or that people had tried, failed, and then left. Concurrently, we began to witness a huge start-up boom not only around the globe but also in the Israeli market, which brought new entrants and clients for PTL Group—and they keep coming. Many Israeli companies have taken advantage of both Chinese and Israeli government grants to help support market entry in China. This aid smoothed the way for companies that would not have entered the China market without access to special economic zones such as dedicated industrial parks, and specific policies that allowed an easier entry.

These start-ups are not just Israeli businesses trying their hand in the Chinese market, some are set up exclusively for the Chinese market. One such example is PTL client UgaUga—an innovate baking products startup that specializes in cake mixes that are optimized for easy baking within a rice cooker, since ovens are not a common appliance in a Chinese household.

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