Why is it Important to Have a Chinese Sales Manager When Doing Business in China as an International manufacturing company?—- An interview with ACS China GM—Mr. Jiming Tu

Established in 1985, ACS Motion Control (ACS) is an international manufacturing company that provides state of the art motion control solutions. ACS has sales and support centers in the USA, Germany and South Korea. In 2011, ACS started its business in China by using PTL Group’s operational platform.

In March of that same year, Mr. Tu joined ACS China as their China General Manager.

Q: ACS has been using PTL Group’s operational management service since 2011, how do you find this platform helping with your daily work?


A: A great benefit is that we don’t need to set up a legal entity since we can already operate by using PTL’s platform. They recruit and manage our employees in terms of payroll, social insurance, and the expense and reimbursement of our employees. Furthermore, they host us at their well-located office in Shanghai where we have our independent office space, but still enjoy use of the shared meeting rooms, reception, and cafeteria. Thanks to PTL Group’s operational management, I can focus on developing our business and managing a well functioned distributor team. 

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