Quick Question Friday, China Law Answers, Part XXXVX

China AttorneysBecause of this blog, our China lawyers get a fairly steady stream of China law questions from readers, mostly via emails but occasionally via blog comments as well. If we were to conduct research on all the questions we get asked and then comprehensively answer them, we would become overwhelmed. So what we usually do is provide a super fast general answer and, when it is easy to do so, a link or two to a blog post that may provide some additional guidance. We figure we might as well post some of these on here as well. On Fridays, like today.

One of the questions we often get is why we act as though there is no corruption in China. This question is often followed by a statement along the lines of the following:

My friend who has been in China 38 years tells me that China is the most corrupt country in the world and that no contract is worth the paper it’s printed on. Is this true?

No Virginia, it’s not true. Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index, widely considered to be the most accurate measure of worldwide corruption, ranks China at 79 out of 176, putting China squarely in the top half of all countries worldwide in terms of a lack of corruption. Perhaps more importantly, the World Bank ranks China at number 5 in its measure of enforcing contracts!


Dan Harris

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